1. Learn more on the periconceptional period as far as nutrition and lifestyle are concerned

Particular emphasis will be given to the periconceptional period as far as nutrition and lifestyle are concerned. A critical appraisal of the concept of randomised trial in pregnancy looking at fetal neonatal outcomes and of personalised/ individualised care in maternal infant medicine will be an important subject of discussion at this meeting.

2. Keep in the loop on the latest developments

This congress wishes to establish an international landmark for updating on the latest developments in the field, focusing in area of renewed interest, on inequities of provision of care, on epidemiolgical differences around the world and on the most challenging advances in sensitive areas. It will be also a forum for discussion on best practice related to important issues such as prematurity, non communicable diseases and environmental toxicological effects on reproduction and pregnancy

3. Network with leading experts on controversial developments

The 1st World Congress on MATERNAL FETAL NEONATAL MEDICINE will bring together the leading experts in the field who will be discussing the latest and most controversial developments in this exciting area of medicine.

4. Know more about the dramatic environmental challenges, astonishing advances for a healthy life course

In the context of dramatic environmental challenges, but also astonishing advances in biology and medicine, maternal, fetal and neonatal health is worldwide recognized as key for a healty life course, and for adult well-being.

5. London, live the emotion

London is one the world’s most multicultural cities, a melting pot of cultures, peoples, races, colours, languages and faiths which make the capital of England a unique place to visit.