Abstract Submission

Call for Abstracts - Deadline: 10th September 2020

The 50 top scored abstracts will be published on the JPNIM – Journal of Pediatric and Neonatal Individualized Medicine



  • LUNG


Every abstract should be structured as follows:

  1. Presenting author’s and Co-author’s details
    Initial of the first and family name(s) in capital letters (e.g. J. SMITH1; P. JONES2)
  2. Affiliation details: institution / hospital, city, state (if relevant), country
    PLEASE NOTE: For authors from the same Institution/Hopsital, the affiliation should be listed only once. e.g. J. SMITH1; P. JONES2; E. LAMPARD1 1 Saint Paul Hospital, London, United Kingdom; 2 Oxford University, Oxford, United Kingdom
  3. Abstract title – limited to 100 words in CAPITAL LETTERS
  4. Abstract text – limited 350 words. We recommend using word-processing software (for example, Word) for editing your abstract and counting the number of words.
    Abstracts should clearly state:
  5. One image OR one table (optional)
    Image in JPEG, PNG or TIFF format Table/Chart/Graph in Excel or Word format
    PLEASE NOTE: Do not include the caption inside the image / tab. A space to insert the caption is available in the abstract submission form.
  6. References (optional)
    List the references in order of citation in the text, in square brackets. For each entry, please clearly indicate the following data: names of all the authors, title of the article/book, publication year. Moreover, for journal articles, indicate journal title, volume, issue, first and last page of the article; for websites, indicate the last access; for books, indicate the book publisher and its head office. If you want to quote a chapter within a book, please add information on the chapter (title and authors).
  7. Conflict of interest statement



  1. Abstract Topics – abstracts must be allocated to a specific category for the Scientific Programme. You will need to select the category most suited to your abstract.
  2. Use only standard abbreviations. Place special or unusual abbreviations in parentheses after the full word appears the first time.
  3. Use generic names of drugs. Express numbers as numerals.
  4. Submitted abstracts cannot be modified or corrected after submission.


The Scientific Committee members will serve as on-line reviewer. Each abstract will be evaluated by at least 3 reviewers. The on-line scoring system includes:

  • General score: from 1 (not interesting) to 5 (very relevant)
  • Originality: from 1 to 5
  • Methodology: from 1 to 5
  • Comment: The reviewers will leave a comment on the strengths / criticisms of the abstract.

Information for presenters

Accepted abstracts will be selected for ORAL or POSTER presentation.

The 50 top scored abstracts will be published on the JPNIM – Journal of Pediatric and Neonatal Individualized Medicine

Special Prizes or Contest related to the Abstract Submission

Academic Olympics

Abstracts selected for oral presentation will be evaluated by a committee on-site, the following criteria will be taken into consideration:

  • Originality
  • Methodology
  • Clarity of exposition
  • Appropriate discussion and conclusions
  • Respect of the time

Every criterion will be evaluated from 0 to 1 (decimals included).

Age Limit: Candidates must be younger than 40 years old.

Prizes: The best 5 Academic Olympic awardee will be entitled of a free Registration to the next jENS congress which will take place in Athens from the 14th  to the 18th of September 2021. Additionally, 2 candidates out of the best 5 will have the possibility to spend a week in one European Neonatal Unit (visit, flight and accommodation on UENPS charge.)

The awardees will be announced on the last day of the congress.