Welcome Letter

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Colleagues,

We cordially invite you to the 6th virtual international symposium SPIN 2022 which includes the 37th International Workshop on Surfactant Replacement. This workshop was founded by Prof. Bengt Robertson, Stockholm and a group of dedicated European neonatologists and scientists who have considerably contributed to the tremendous progress in basic and clinical surfactant research and, moreover, in neonatal respiratory care.

During next year’s symposium, latest results in new surfactant application techniques as well as a spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic strategies of neonatal pulmonary diseases will be presented and critically discussed by highly recognized international experts in the field. We are extraordinary grateful to all speakers for accepting our invitation.

As with all workshops in the past, we would like to encourage neonatologists, basic scientists and especially young investigators to submit their latest research findings for review. Accepted abstracts will be presented as free communications or during poster sessions of this symposium.

We very much hope that you can join us at  SPIN 2022.

The Members of the Scientific Committee

Scientific Committee

Prof. Virgilio Carnielli
Ancona, Italy

Prof. Tore Curstedt
Stockholm, Sweden

Prof. Henry Halliday
Belfast, United Kingdom

Prof. Mikko Hallman
Oulu, Finland

Prof. Neena Modi
London, United Kingdom

Prof. Eren Ozek
Istanbul, Turkey

Prof. Francesco Raimondi
Naples, Italy

Prof. Ola D. Saugstad
Oslo, Norway

Prof. Christian P. Speer
Würzburg, Germany



SPIN 2022



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