3rd Edition of Transport of high risk Infants

The winner video is…


by Dr. Jean-Pierre Doray & Marilena Doray


Thank you all for your participation!

Title of the contest:

“From here to there has never been so challenging”

Exclusively for the 3rd Edition transport of high risk Infants we are launching the MCA Video Contest AWARD

You have the chance to share your working experience!

HOW ? Simply by sending us your video before August 20th 2017 !

All the videos that will match that criteria below, will be running on the MCA TV during the congress, posted on the social media pages and on MCA YouTube official channel – having a worldwide audience!

The prize?
The best video will win 500€ !!

Criteria to participate:

  • Be very specific with the focus of the contest
  • The length of the video must be between 30 – 120 seconds
  • The video can be shot with any camera (cellphone, DSLR, Camcorder, etc.) and it can be with or without audio.
  • The official language is English – in case you wish to submit a video in another language, it needs to have English subtitles


Who are the judges?

  • 2 Members of MCA Scientific Events
  • 2 Members of the scientific committee of 3rd Edition Transport of high risk Infants


Criteria the judges will use:

  • How the content of the video matches the theme of the contest
  • Entertainment
  • Creativity
  • Production

Send your video to: before August 20th, 2017
Please make sure to download and return signed the PRIVACY AGREEMENT


The winning video will be announced during the congress in Oxford, in order to collect the prize, participants of the video contest must be registered to the congress.