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It is crucial and obligatory to raise awareness among all the professionals involved in pregnancy and let everyone understand that insufficient physical activity can lead to complications, which could be avoided with correct training and monitoring.
Starting from the guidelines issued by WHO in 2010 there are a lot of studies which give reliable and consistent results about this statement which is no longer just a theory.

“Move” will be the first congress on this topic.

Prevention is the key word of the medical establishment and governments which perfectly understand that preventing illnesses is not only crucial for the human being but also for the economic health of national and international health organizations.

The primary aim of the forum is to establish a few, simple guidelines applicable in all the countries in the world regardless of the economic situation of each country. Women, wherever they come from, must have the right of wellbeing in pregnancy.

I look forward to seeing you in Italy,

Prof. Yves Ville, Congress President

Some of the topics which will be discussed during the congress are:

  • Care-pathways and health-pathways: what’s new
  • «Resting» is the past «Move» is the future, why and how
  • Pregnant women’s weight a sneaky enemy

Congress Presidents

Yves Ville

Professor of Gynecology-Obstetrics, Faculty of Medicine of René Descartes University Head of the Obstetrics and Fetal Medicine Department CPDPN coordinator of Necker Children’s Hospital

Rita Santos-Rocha


Vincenzo Berghella

Jefferson University Hospitals



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