Grants and Awards

Special Prizes or Contest related to the Abstract Submission
Dedicated to the future of Paediatric research

Young investigators represent the future of Paediatric research.
With our dedicated awards, the ESPR seeks to support and honour the outstanding work of our young professionals.

ESPR Early Career Investigator Awards (In honour of Prof Henry Halliday)


  • applicants must be ESPR members or intending to become members;
  • applicants must be under 36 years of age. A copy of your ID indicating the date of birth is to be submitted along with the CV; applicants >36 years of age, for example due to maternity leave, serious illness or differences in the timeline of their degree, will be considered on an individual bases if content of the abstract relates to work from a primary postgraduate degree (MD/PhD), completed within 2 years of application for the Early Career Investigator Award;
  • applicants will not be considered where the content of the abstract relates to work from postdoctoral research work;
  • the content of the abstract must represent original work and cannot be presented and/or published previously;
  • the name of the presenting author MUST match the name of the applicant.

Selected finalists will be informed in advance and have to confirm their attendance of the congress.

ESPR Travel grants


  • You are an Early Career Investigator, as defined by the Early Career Investigators Section of the ESPR. This comprises all healthcare workers working in all specialties in paediatric care (including and not limited to medical students, medical doctors, PhD students, nurses, midwifes) under the age of 46 years at the time of jENS 2023. Applicants should additionally be within 10 years of their PhD defense or end of specialist training.
  • You are an ESPR member or, at the latest, become a member by jENS 2023. To become an ESPR member you have to meet the following requirements:
    • Support the aims of the society;
    • Have given at least one scientific contribution (e.g. presentation or poster) to one of the annual society meetings such as the European Academy of Paediatric Societies Congresses (EAPS) or the Congress of joint European Neonatal Societies (jENS).
  • You are not based within a 300 km radius of Rome.
  • You do not receive other funding to attend jENS 2025.
  • You are not invited to participate at jENS 2025 as a speaker.
  • You have submitted an abstract to jENS 2025 by April 30th, 2025. (Medical students who are co-author of an abstract submitted are also eligible to apply, on the condition that they are the presenting author.)

Applications for the ESPR Travel Grants will open on the day of the abstract notification for jENS 2025.
Please submit your documents to