On October 16, 2010 a group representing independent laboratories, academic departments and commercial confectionery companies from Europe and the US met in Perugia, Italy to establish a new International Society focused on the applications of chocolate and cocoa in medicine.

The name of the new society is “International Society of Chocolate and Cocoa in Medicine (ISCHOM)”.

The purpose of the Society is to bring together groups and individuals in an interdisciplinary organization in order to promote the science of use of cocoa and chocolate products in the human diet, health and medicine for the benefit of the public.
Individuals from all disciplines interested in the use of cocoa and chocolate in medicine are invited to join the Society at one of three membership levels: Full, Associate, Honorary after filling out an application and paying the appropriate membership fee.

Members will receive the Society’s newsletter, access to the website and other materials prepared by the Executive Board of the Society. Those in attendance at the initial meeting of the Society elected the following officers and other members of the Executive Committee:

  • Prof Norman Hollenberg of Harvard University, Boston, USA was elected as Honorary President and Prof Gian Carlo Di Renzo of the University of Perugia, Italy was elected as Chairman.
  • Prof Claudio Ferri of the University of L’Aquila, Italy was elected as Secretary General, and Dr. William Jeffrey Hurst of the Hershey Company, USA was elected as Treasurer.
  • Other members of the Executive Committee were Prof Roger Corder of the William Harvey Research Institute of London, Prof Jean Francois Bisson of ETAP, Nancy, France, Prof Margarida Castell of the University of Barcelona, Spain and Prof Gianfranco Scarselli of Careggi Hospital in Florence, Italy.