Abstract submission

Call for Abstracts

Important Dates:

  • Opening of Abstract Submission Portal: August 21st
  • NEW Abstract Submission Deadline: November 7th until 11:59 pm Eastern Time Zone (ET)
  • Abstracts Decision Notification: December 11th


14th INBBC 2023 Conference Proceedings
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The conference committee invites you to submit an abstract for oral or poster presentation regarding, but not limited to, the following topics:


• Fetal and/or neonatal brain development, both normal and abnormal
• Neuroprotection strategies in the neonate
• Neonatal Neurocritical Care, seizures, and continuous aEEG and /or EEG monitoring
• Other forms of brain monitoring, such as NIRS, fMRI, biochemical, etc.
• Neuro-imaging studies
• Long-term outcome studies, developmental care, palliative care, ethical dilemmas, and challenging clinical scenarios in neonatal neurology
• Others


Material presented in the abstracts should be organized and presented according to accepted scientific style. All new investigational studies must include the hypothesis being tested, methods, results with applicable statistics, discussion and/or implications regarding practice.

Information needed for submission:

• Presenter’s name
• Name of institution
• Address, city, state, zip
• Country
• Phone
• Email
• Note if the presenter is a trainee
• Note if the contact person is someone other than the presenting author

Abstract Format

Abstracts must be 450 words maximum and can include up to 4 additional tables or figures. No logos should be visible in the materials, other than the logo of the organization for which the individual is submitting the abstract.

• Abstract Title
• Authors’ names, degree(s), and institution
• Background and Purpose: problem statement or hypothesis as appropriate
• Materials or Methodology
• Results
• Conclusion/Impact
• Bibliography

Additional Information

• 2-3 Learning objectives
• Source of funding for the research (i.e. private foundation, government grants, pharmaceutical or device companies, none, or other (please describe))?
• Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement


• Accepted abstracts will be considered for publication Open Access in the Journal of Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine and indexed in PubMed. The journal reserves the right to not publish an article on the basis of the declared COI.

• The publication needs consent from the submitting author.

Formats offered for Abstracts Presentations

If the abstract is accepted for presentation, it will be assigned to one of the following formats:
Abstract Full Platform Presentation (15-minute presentation including Q&A)
Poster Presentation

Grants and Awards

Taeun Chang Early Career Travel Award:

Taeun Chang

The Newborn Brain Society is proud to announce the Taeun Chang Early Career Travel Award, which will be presented to the trainee/early career (within 5 years post-training) candidate who submits the abstract selected as the most outstanding abstract at the International Newborn Brain Conference. The award will include costs of registration, travel and accommodations to the INBBC.

This award was established in the name of Dr. Taeun Chang (1971-2022), who was a founding member of the NBS, an active member of the Publications and Guidelines Committee from inception, and a distinguished child neurologist who contributed greatly to establishing the field of neonatal neurology and neurocritical care. An innovator, scientist, dedicated clinician, and beloved mentor to numerous trainees, Dr. Chang’s contributions to advancing newborn brain care will be honored and remembered annually through the NBS Taeun Chang Early Career Travel Award.

NBS Trainee Awards:

The Newborn Brain Society will provide a limited number of NBS Trainee Awards for best submitted abstracts to be presented by a trainee, in the form of free conference registration.

Information for presenters

In case of any questions, please contact MCA Scientific Events at borkowska@mcascientificevents.eu