• Ventilatory strategies and late respiratory outcomes
  • Nutrition in the NICU and late outcomes
  • Bioactive nutrients in human milk
  • Bundles and quality improvement in neonatology:
    • effect on infections
    • effect on ROP
    • effect on late neurodisabilities
    • effect on NEC
  • Neonatal infections: which are the major advancements in neonatology ?
  • Maternal origins of neonatal infections: what do Ob-Gyns could/should do?
  • MDR pathogens in neonatology
  • Innovation and Technology in the NICU
  • RSV and new monoclonals
  • maternal vaccinations and infant outcomes
  • neonatal Covid-19 . An update
  • game-changer RCTs in neonates in the last 5 years
  • NIRS in the NICU. Which added value?
  • Neonatal pain: strategies of management and prevention telemedicine for the NICU



Paolo Manzoni

Degli infermi Hospital Biella, Italy


Eduardo Bancalari
Avroy Fanaroff
Louis Bont
Hans van Goudoever



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