Preconference Course on Viral respiratory infections in infants

Louis Bont, Netherlands; Paolo Manzoni, Italy; Eugenio Baraldi, Italy

  • RSV and new monoclonals
  • maternal vaccinations for RSV: where are we?
  • Antivirals for RSV
  • neonatal Covid-19. An update
  • Covid-19 in infants: is it dangerous?
  • Covid-19 vaccines for infants and children



Main theme: quoad valetudinem and not only quoad vitam

  • Opening Lecture:
    • Which are the game-changer RCTs in neonates in the last 5 years? Neena Modi, UK
  • Program:
    • Ventilatory strategies and late respiratory outcomes – Eduardo Bancalari, USA
    • Nutrition in the NICU and late outcomes – Hans Van Goudoever, The Netherlands
    • Quality improvements and their preventive effect on NEC – Neena Modi, UK
    • Neonatal and infant myocarditis by SARS-CoV-2 and Covid-19 vaccine: which is the truth? Gerard Martin, USA
    • Can Innovation, Technology and Telemedicine in the NICU impact on late outcomes of prematurity in a measurable fashion? – Guilherme Sant’Anna, Canada
    • NIRS in the NICU. Which added value? TBD
    • Maternal origins of neonatal infections: what do Ob-Gyns could/should do? – Bianca Masturzo, Italy
    • Bundles of quality improvement in neonatology: which measurable impact on infections – David Kaufman, USA
    • Bioactive nutrients in formula milk for preterms: which practical impact? – Nick Embleton, UK


  • Eduardo Bancalari, USA
  • Eugenio Baraldi, Italy
  • Louis Bont, The Netherlands
  • Daniele De Luca , France
  • Nik Embleton, UK
  • Avroy Fanaroff, USA
  • Scott Halperin, Canada
  • Paul Heath, UK
  • David Kaufman, USA
  • Gianluca Lista, Italy
  • Paolo Manzoni, Italy
  • Gerard Martin, USA
  • Bianca Masturzo, Italy
  • Neena Modi, UK
  • Marta Nunes, South Africa
  • Gerhard Pichler, Austria*
  • Luca A. Ramenghi, Italy
  • Octavio Ramilo, USA
  • Pablo Sanchez, USA
  • Guilherme Sant’Anna, Canada
  • Andreas Stahl, Germany
  • Nestor Vain, Argentina
  • Hans Van Goudoever, The Netherlands
  • Dan Weinberger, USA

*pending confirmation

Scientific Committee

Paolo Manzoni
Degli infermi Hospital Biella – Italy

Eduardo Bancalari

Louis Bont

Avroy Fanaroff

Hans van Goudoever



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