7 – 9 March 2024

Congress Presidents

Herbert Valensise

Prof. Herbert Valensise

Mecacci Federico

Prof. Federico Mecacci


Prof. Christoph Lees

The International Working Group on Maternal Hemodynamics is glad to announce the upcoming Fifth International Congress on Maternal Hemodynamics, which will be held in Florence 7-9 March 2024.
Free communications will be presented in the plenary sessions together with lectures from international experts in the field. We have allowed time to encourage interaction and discussion of all of these presentations.
Abstracts will be published on the Italian Journal of Gynaecology and Obstetrics.
The congress will be an opportunity to share the latest research in the field of cardiovascular system before, during and after pregnancy. The main sessions that will be treated during the congress.
Methodology for the detection of maternal hemodynamics; long term cardiovascular consequences of maternal fetal complications in preg-nancy; hemodynamics in fetal growth restriction, twin pregnancy/IVF, hypertensive disorders of pregnancy and preeclampsia, labour, and diabetes; obstetric anesthesia and maternal hemodynamics; hemodynamics as an help for medical treatment in hypertensive disease.
The International Working Group on Maternal Hemodynamics is an international association of Obstetricians, Cardiovascular Physicians and researchers from all over the world interested in the cardiovascular system adaptation during pregnancy and its relation to maternal and fetal outcome.

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