To visit Russia, most of foreign citizens should get a Russian visa.
Before your trip we suggest to clarify visa information directly at the Russian embassy or consulate in your home country.

List of Russian embassies and consulates around the world you may find on the official web page of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In order to get the Russian visa, the first thing you need is an invitation (tourist voucher).

See example:

Our official partner “CONGRESS GROUP” will gladly assist Congress delegates in providing the document.

It consist of two parts. The left part is a tourist voucher in English and the right one is an invitation letter in Russian. This invitation is a tourist invitation for specific purposes such as the attending a conference or any other event. It is the main document when applying.


Period of staying – less than 30 days.

Number of entries – one.

The issuing period – 1–2 working days

When applying for a Russian visa in your home country, you will be asked to indicate information on inviting party. These information will be sent you by email togheter with the above VISA invitation letter.

In order to obtain your VISA invitation, please follow the instructions below:

STEP 1: Download the tourist voucher Application Form by clicking here

STEP 2: Fill in the Application Form.

STEP 3: Send back to us a scanned copy of your passport and filled Application Form

STEP 4: Receive the tourist voucher. Please provide the same set of documents for each accompanying person.


Once you have your tourist voucher please contact the nearest Russian Consulate in your country for further instructions.

Price – 1500 RUB (€21,50) plus delivery costs of the tourist voucher hard copy to a participant*.

* – In most cases, a copy of invitation is sufficient for applying for a tourist visa. Please clarify at the Russian Embassy or Consulate directly whether you need the original copy of the invitation or not. 

In case of booking accommodation throught the Congress website, the tourist voucher will be provided to you FOR FREE.*
(*delivery costs should be paid by the participant)


If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us:


Tel: +7 495 646 01 55 ext. 104