The Scientific Committee invites clinicians and scientists who are interested in sharing their work with the participants of the meeting to submit their work in abstract form.

Changes in abstracts cannot be made after submission.

Please verify that each field in the abstract form has been completed and follow the instructions given below.

The Scientific Committee will review the abstract and you will receive an information whether the abstract has been accepted by the end of December 2018.

Accepted abstracts will be selected for ORAL or POSTER presentation.

Among the accepted abstract submissions,
2 top abstracts will be awarded by the Scientific Committee!



In case of acceptance of the abstract, at least one of the authors must be registered to the conference, or otherwise the contribution will be declined.

Please indicate whether your abstract is being submitted for poster presentation, or if you wish it to be considered for oral presentation. In all cases, the scientific committee will inform you whether it has been accepted for oral presentation, poster presentation, or whether it has not been accepted for presentation.


  • Women centered care
  • Induction and augmentation of labour
  • Labour in specific situations
  • Intrapartum clinical targets
  • Maternal morbidities & mortality
  • Improving organization and teamwork in labour care
  • Intrapartum care


  • The title of the abstract must be entered in CAPITAL LETTERS
  • The lines must be single-spaced
  • Personal data refers to those of the First Author
  • The name of the First Author must be repeated in the “Authors” field
  • All authors’ names and first author’s name must be entered as follows: Surname. Name initials  (e.g. Smith J)
  • In case of more than one affiliation please indicate in the proper field, following the order of the authors: (e.g. Authors: Smith J1, Lewis F2, Burton A3. Affiliation: 1-Saint Paul Hospital, 2-Cambridge University, 3-Paris University).
  • For Original Research the abstract should be structured and include the following sections:

    • Introduction: maximum 500 characters
    • Methods: maximum 750 characters
    • Results: maximum 750 characters
    • Conclusion(s): maximum 500 characters

  • For Case reports the abstract should include the following sections:

    • Introduction: maximum 500 characters
    • Case description: maximum 1500 characters
    • Conclusion(s): maximum 500 characters