the seven editorial steps

  • VERIFICATION OF CONTENT. Abstracts are checked for the presence of parts copied from texts of other authors or the same authors published elsewhere, either in their entirety or as abstracts. In no case may the percentage of parts from other works represent more than 20% of the abstract text. Figures and tables (if present) shall be original and not published elsewhere, not even by the authors themselves. The number of figures and tables shall not exceed the number declared in the author guidelines. They shall be consistent with the text presented. Should there be more figures or tables than those foreseen, the “Journal of Pediatric and Neonatal Individualized Medicine” (JPNIM) reserves the right to select the most significant ones.
  • VERIFICATION OF THE QUALITY OF ENGLISH IN THE TEXT. This check takes into consideration both serious errors, such as the presence in the text and/or figures and tables of terms in the authors’ mother tongue, and the presence of evident errors in grammar and syntax. JPNIM will not publish abstracts unsuitable from the linguistic standpoint.
  • EDITORIAL CHECK. The formal presentation of the abstract is analysed. For example, authors’ affiliations shall be in English and not in the language of their country. Furthermore, there shall be consistency between authors’ affiliations in the different abstracts presented at the same international congress. Also checked is respect for the guidelines for presentation of abstracts, e.g. the proper order of paragraphs: introduction, methods, results, conclusions, references (if present). The citing of figures and tables (if present) shall be checked and include captions. Items in the references (if present) shall be correctly indicated in the text and presented in the journal’s citation style. Abstracts, figures and tables are printed following the journal’s style. Abstracts that present evident inconsistencies and/or editorial discrepancies that cannot be remedied will be rejected.
  • EVALUATION OF THE SCIENTIFIC PRESENTATION. This check is not a substitute of the work of the referees who are charged with selecting the abstracts, but assists them and completes their work by verifying the internal consistency of the data presented.
  • OVERALL FINAL EVALUATION OF ABSTRACTS BY THE CHAIRPERSONS OF THE EVENT. The final drafts receive final approval from the chairpersons of the event for the “OK to release”.